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Welding and Fabrication

We use modern welding equipment from Miller to provide a number of welding services:

  • TIG and MIG welding of steel, stainless, copper, bronze, and aluminum.

  • Design, modification, repair, and manufacturing of components.

4" Sight Glass

Sight Glass

304SS sight glass TIG welded to 4" sanitary flanges.


Forklift Extensions


Pair of 6 foot long forklift extensions crafted from 6" C-channel.

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304SS Fittings



Batch of 304SS fittings TIG welded together.


Stainless Flange


304SS 6" sanitary flange TIG welded with smaller fittings.


Sorting Trays


304SS 6" sorting trays for caramel.

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Scythe Ring

HD Scythe Ring


Extensive modification to a stock scythe ring to make it withstand heavy duty use.

Seatbelt Anchors

Seatbelt Anchors


Custom made anchors designed to thread into the rear seatbelt mount points in a 1972 VW bus for cargo securing duty.

Oil Pan

Oil Pan Modification


Modification and repair of an oil pan.


Copper Cuboctahedron


Cuboctahedron TIG welded using 100% copper.


Copper Key Chime


Key chime bar TIG welded from 100% copper.

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