Ferrari 16M Door Panels


Upon receiving the 3D scanned files of the two door panels, the first order of business was to rebuild an area of the driver side panel to remove a feature the client did not want:

Ferrari Door Panel



The top edge of the passenger side panel had an area that was deformed inward, which is clearly seen in the 3D scan:





So the next step was to fix this area in CAD by creating new surfaces that flowed smoothly:


With the two panels now fixed in CAD, the next phase was to integrate custom speaker pods. To begin that process we carefully measured and 3D modeled the customer chosen woofer and tweeter (GrabCAD link:




With that done, we now started on the most complicated step of this entire project, which was modelling the speaker pods. The angle of the drivers had to be correct for proper acoustics and we also had to be mindful of the tight clearance behind the panel:




Product renders in carbon fiber and black suede:




Thermoforming molds were CNC machined from layered MDF:




With molds in hand the client then had the raw panels thermoformed:




Passenger panel wrapped with black suede and installed:




Link to product:

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