3D CAD and Rendering

We use a variety of modern software to provide a range of 3D services:

  • Convert hand drawings & PDF drawings into 2D/3D CAD files.

  • Repair and modification of 3D CAD files.

  • Converting low quality meshes into smooth meshes.

  • Reverse engineering using pictures.

  • Precision part measuring to create accurate 3D CAD files.

  • High quality product rendering.

Ferrari 16M Door Panel

Ferrari 16M Door Panels


Starting with a 3D scan, custom speaker pods were added to these Ferrari 16M door panels.

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Ferrari 360 Tweeter Pods


Starting with a 3D scan, custom tweeter pods were added to these Ferrari 360/430 brackets.

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Bergantino HG310 Bass Cabinet

Bergantino HG310


Bass guitar cabinet measured, 3D modeled, and rendered to create product shots.

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ADAM A5X Studio Monitor



Studio monitor measured, 3D modeled, and rendered to create product shots.

Demon Sword

Demon Sword


Concept sword 3D sculpted and rendered.

Volvo Amazon 4-Link

Volvo Amazon 4-Link


Custom rear suspension designed, 3D modeled, and rendered for a 1967 Volvo Amazon wagon.


Karna's Armor


Prop reverse engineered from photos and rendered.


Ring of Zahard


Prop reverse engineered from photos, rendered, and 3D printed.

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